Thursday, September 11, 2008

iPhone 3g

I got my new phone after much wailing and gnashing of teeth, a mere 500 bones later AAARARARARARGGHHHHHH!!!! anyway , our cell networks here leave much to be desired , lots of service gaps and poor response to tower hand off!! we can put remote control cars on distant planets but you cant make a friggin' call in the most powerful city on the planet WTF!!!! Apple did out do themselves absolutely great device , flexible , durable, good display over all A+!! now let me caveat this with you need: and good cover, and screen protector and second charging/sync cable, but other than that everything else is in the box (why do they called accessories when they are required items????) when i do have good coverage or have wifi enabled, all the apps run like a top, learn it live it GET IT!!, todo, pandora, shazam, IM+, all needed apps work better on wifi but adequate over 3g when you have more than 2bars. edge not so much, have not had any lock ups or random reboots, which i could not say for my blackberry(s) i could not keep those up long enough for voice comms and im apps generated exception failures and dread spinning hour glass or the frikkin' sim error, just pull the battery , 15 minutes later it might or might not work...all i have to say to blackberry and AT&T on that point EAT ME D-bags not frikkin' acceptable. there was no shortage of alleged functionality which if it would have worked i would have never swapped out, oh well live and learn. peace and prosperity , god speed , be safe or don't get caught.

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