Tuesday, September 16, 2008

holey moley what a test

EEE PC 901 XP upgraded to 2gig ram and AT&T (sierra wireless 881u)

MacBook Pro 2.4 250gig 4 gig sprint usb edimax card BIG HONKIN YAGI !!

Sony VGN-SZ750n 4gig ram 250gig hdd wlan enabled(sprint)

iPhone 3g

Blackberry 8310

Swiss travel gear back pack

swiss travel gear messenger bag

io gear and sony laptop sleeves

marware deck and keyboard kits

travel test , packed in a bag , stuck in the back of jeep , travel on and off road for 4 hours each way , wireless test urban and rural , set on a beach (with our favorite adult very chilled beverages and fishin' poles)

stress test with all equipment on connector to a power source( fishin gears failsafe battery system w/built in power inverter and belkin vehicle inverter) close the windows turn of the ac and let them run wireless scans and maintenance scripts while we fish, then leave them unpacked and drive back off the beach while they are still running till the batteries die, and then !! pack them up drive 4 hours back load them in a pelican case check them and fly for 8 hours unpack them run 2 back to back over night network assessments then rinse repeat ..see you soon!!!

when we are done we will report back how it went'

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