Tuesday, September 4, 2007

more pics to follow as we finish up with HITB



live the dream baby!!!!!!!!!!!!



Thomas eating a bug

XCon and the Great Wall

Big Thanks to Casper ans all the XCon guys for a terrific CON in Biejing!!!! the hotel and sights are fantastic, everybody there was super friendly and its always awesometo see our friends like Fyodor, Casper and Thomas(SYSCAN ROCKS!!!!) and make lots of new friends like Rodrigo and Domingo(go H2HC!!!!) still on the road at HACK IN THE BOX !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Best CON EVER Dhillon, Amy and Crew are doing a super job as usual. For those of you scared to go to china don't be, the event had translators and the hotel had all kinds of food and the transportation was easy. i would strongly suggest going, write the guys at XCON or XFocus if you have any questions. i have to go get ready for CTF and BZFLAG now but i will post more later, on another note in the next few months look for a new site layer9.net that L0u3y and I will be collaborating on, should be a hoot!! PEACE