Wednesday, July 4, 2007

we freekin' tied

well sports fans the team tied for first, was a looooong day brother , the CDX was for us to attack defend from unpatch XP and server 2003 VM's ...oh much fun was had by all!!! now we are off to party like its 1999!!!!

Monday, July 2, 2007

reached Singapore

got here last night late, not as hot as i thought , clean busy port city, people super friendly lots of sights food is pretty good, got our bearings and will start Defend the Flag in the morning @ 0800 looking forward to it. the boys are excited and ready to get to work! having lots of credit card difficulties, they don’t seem to work consistently (note to self) ((next trip bring more cash every bloody thing is expensive here!)) some places accept it some don’t no rhyme or reason!?! so far so good , rooms are fine, transportation Is readily available in several forms , the taxi drivers love to play tour guide, they offer a flat fee for an hour and drive you every where you want. have not seen any of the conference attendees yet looked around down stairs and hung out in the lobby and have seen nothing so i am assuming they are already here or arriving later. we are on the lovely 5th floor in the cinnamon room at the novelette clark quay, haven’t seen any sys-can signs up but i am sure there will be in the morning.