Saturday, April 14, 2007

what a damn woderful event all the way round!!!!! HITB you rock!!!!! more to follow soon

Sunday, April 1, 2007

Traveling Road Show DuBai

the First LEg was really nice the secOnd LEg, SUCKED @$$, what BuTthole books techs in a class that has no electricity , i mean frakkin' really WhAt ToTAL TARDS . TARDS TARDS TaRds !!!!! rooms ar great every bloddy thing here is FrAkkin' expeNSive !!! most stuff is a StEve McQUeen and a couple of Durgas ,,,a soda is Durgha Durga .9 ,,raTe is 3.6 to 1.....all players on the field everybody in good spirits technically we are sound MinUS -20 , wireless issUes are becomeing a real Nusance,,,and power gets to be rough without proper strips, the MaC's are mui bueno, the PC's are gimpy sucky yucky ..we need to have newer stuff. piCKed up a FEw phone and Sim CArdz thongs are good we all have good CommS ..needs more function but works well!..WIFI/WireLess and International Cell fones area must , tell mother we are all good. everybody is actinG like Mature Adultz for the most part, WE Threw Back seveRal Wicked pInTs of ale and bIer....good hangoVers all Around....Working For tomorrow a quickly as we can ...