Friday, October 19, 2007


heads up EEC here we come , MST hits Europe like a storm our whirl wind tour will include , Poland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Italy all in just 2 1/2 weeks, HHOOODDYYYY HOOOOOO boogity boogity boogity, looking forward to meeting lots of new friends and new tech stuff

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

more pics to follow as we finish up with HITB

live the dream baby!!!!!!!!!!!!



Thomas eating a bug

XCon and the Great Wall

Big Thanks to Casper ans all the XCon guys for a terrific CON in Biejing!!!! the hotel and sights are fantastic, everybody there was super friendly and its always awesometo see our friends like Fyodor, Casper and Thomas(SYSCAN ROCKS!!!!) and make lots of new friends like Rodrigo and Domingo(go H2HC!!!!) still on the road at HACK IN THE BOX !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Best CON EVER Dhillon, Amy and Crew are doing a super job as usual. For those of you scared to go to china don't be, the event had translators and the hotel had all kinds of food and the transportation was easy. i would strongly suggest going, write the guys at XCON or XFocus if you have any questions. i have to go get ready for CTF and BZFLAG now but i will post more later, on another note in the next few months look for a new site that L0u3y and I will be collaborating on, should be a hoot!! PEACE 

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

we freekin' tied

well sports fans the team tied for first, was a looooong day brother , the CDX was for us to attack defend from unpatch XP and server 2003 VM's ...oh much fun was had by all!!! now we are off to party like its 1999!!!!

Monday, July 2, 2007

reached Singapore

got here last night late, not as hot as i thought , clean busy port city, people super friendly lots of sights food is pretty good, got our bearings and will start Defend the Flag in the morning @ 0800 looking forward to it. the boys are excited and ready to get to work! having lots of credit card difficulties, they don’t seem to work consistently (note to self) ((next trip bring more cash every bloody thing is expensive here!)) some places accept it some don’t no rhyme or reason!?! so far so good , rooms are fine, transportation Is readily available in several forms , the taxi drivers love to play tour guide, they offer a flat fee for an hour and drive you every where you want. have not seen any of the conference attendees yet looked around down stairs and hung out in the lobby and have seen nothing so i am assuming they are already here or arriving later. we are on the lovely 5th floor in the cinnamon room at the novelette clark quay, haven’t seen any sys-can signs up but i am sure there will be in the morning.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The World tour continues

Sports fans the party moves to Singapore thanks to Thomas Lim and the SYSCAN crew!!! ...looking forward to Defend the Flag and the sights should be a real hoot!!!! Me Lou3y3k and 0z bust out later this month Alienwares a BlaZin' ...spent a few hours this week speaking with Dan Kaminsky, frankly i was impressed , usually the gringos are a elitist intellectual snobs that have little worth and no long term value, howevr pleasantly enough young mister kaminsky had alot to discuss and quite a bit to offer.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

what a damn woderful event all the way round!!!!! HITB you rock!!!!! more to follow soon

Sunday, April 1, 2007

Traveling Road Show DuBai

the First LEg was really nice the secOnd LEg, SUCKED @$$, what BuTthole books techs in a class that has no electricity , i mean frakkin' really WhAt ToTAL TARDS . TARDS TARDS TaRds !!!!! rooms ar great every bloddy thing here is FrAkkin' expeNSive !!! most stuff is a StEve McQUeen and a couple of Durgas ,,,a soda is Durgha Durga .9 ,,raTe is 3.6 to 1.....all players on the field everybody in good spirits technically we are sound MinUS -20 , wireless issUes are becomeing a real Nusance,,,and power gets to be rough without proper strips, the MaC's are mui bueno, the PC's are gimpy sucky yucky ..we need to have newer stuff. piCKed up a FEw phone and Sim CArdz thongs are good we all have good CommS ..needs more function but works well!..WIFI/WireLess and International Cell fones area must , tell mother we are all good. everybody is actinG like Mature Adultz for the most part, WE Threw Back seveRal Wicked pInTs of ale and bIer....good hangoVers all Around....Working For tomorrow a quickly as we can ...

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

beware of what you wish

I think they dare not stop what they could not have started nor finish. if they wish to interfere then the swift retribution will be as severe as winter weather!